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Have you wished for a MENTOR to WORK CLOSELY With You In Your Career & Relationships To Help You Skyrocket Your Income & Double Your Happiness 

This can be a Reality for you In The Next 12 Months if you choose to take action on the opportunity offered here.


Dear All,

I may be known as a Transformation expert among my graduates, but not many people in Singapore and in Asia have yet heard about me. I have mentored, presented to and trained over thousands of men and women from all walks of lives … empowering people through my hands-on experiential immersion training — allowing them to live with a more passionate drive with a natural flow of discipline to create extraordinary results emotionally, financially and in their relationships, in fact, in all areas of their lives … saving attendees like yourself a 15-20 year learning curve.

How did they achieve it?

Simply by following my proven processes, tools and my 10-year proven best secrets on mastering the process of Creating Your Miracles.

I get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to break my participants from “tough to shift” negative emotions into action that is 100 times more powerful to create the results they love and unleash the potential that they thought did not exist and experience this power for life!



It’s amazing how many lives MiracleLife has changed!

 Evelyn Teo, Regional Account Manager of Deliveroo, Melbourne Australia

“This CYM2.0 course has changed my relationship with my hubby around. I am now a better version of myself and loving it.”

“MiracleLife is highly recommended …

I learnt how to deal with my own shadows and take responsibility for my actions and attitude. How I do anything is how I do everything.

My manager at work said I am more positive now and she can see my personality shine through. I have done heaps of Act of Love and feeling good.

I’m so proud that I recently set up a fundraising for a friend, who is an overseas student. He has to go for chemotherapy for Lymphoma with not much financial support.

Now he feels at ease to stop work and start preparing to go for treatment. In 2 days, we raised more than $9,500!!

The more positive energy we pour out there, the more it returns! Everyone please help to send positive and healing energy to my friend Vernon!

This course has changed my relationship with hubby around. It all begins with me. I need to make myself vulnerable so I can receive. I am now a better version of myself and loving it.

Many other positive things have happened in my life too! All within a short 2 to 3 weeks.

I truly believe that everyone should experience MiracleLife for themselves and see what life can bring!

Thank you MiracleLife ❤

500 SMEs

Asia Excellence Awardscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-2-22-02-pmgolden-brandsscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-2-22-02-pmladyofexcellence


Why are peoples so grateful for MiracleLife’s trainings?

It was a miraculous experience training in Singapore as I witnessed participants’ passion being unleashed, miracles being created and the eagerness to make things happen for themselves! Given the right training and coaching to create their miracles, they could be immensely fruitful and successful in their own relationships, businesses and financial results.

I know what you will be saying:

“I can’t afford this training … Although MiracleLife has helped many people in their businesses and relationships, but I can’t afford over thousand dollars to have me trained.”

But what if money was not an issue?



Life Transformation Training


How MiracleLife’s Training Programs will Transform Your Life?

Creating Your Miracles training has to be attended first by participants, before they attend the advanced programs in MiracleLife.

This training helps them to:

  • Form a solid foundation to create more miracles and experience drive and discipline to make things happen in all areas of their lives and create results.
  • Become more at ease and live more of their amazing authentic selves.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Creating Your Miracles 2.0: 

Profound world-class processes to:

  • Learn the formula to enable permanent breakthroughs in all areas of your lives!
  • Experience more love, passion and happiness in work and relationships!
  • Identify the mindsets that are causing you challenges in creating the successes you crave for in
    different areas of your life!
  • Walk out of the training with a Daily Power Process that you can use every day to shift yourself from procrastination to immediate action!
  • Break yourself out from fear and ego based emotions and get in touch with the light!
  • Beat your own expectation in achieving your goals.
  • Unleash the potential that you thought did not exist and experience this power in the training!
  • Have the courage to do what you know you should do but were too afraid to do them before.
  • Provide you opportunities to become aware of your habits and behaviours and discover whether these habits are bringing you to success.
  • Give you the opportunity to be shaken at a cellular level and release the old dis-empowering beliefs and emotional patterns that have been the causes of your unsatisfactory results in your life.

group photos






Creating Your Miracles 2.0  may be the SOLUTIONS
you’ve been waiting for…

However they are not for every one ….I’m looking for people who are serious in transforming their lives continuously and will play full out with me as their Mentor, Coach and Healer for at least one year or more …

Tectonic shift is happening to the world today…

These Programme Series will allow you to experience tectonic shifts within you … getting you not only to survive, but to Thrive!

….Thrive professionally! Economically! Emotionally! With your health and in your relationships!


Here’s How It Works FOR YOU in Creating Your Miracles 2.0  

1.Virtual Training (Value $988) :

  • Prerequisite for the rest of the components
  • Learn all the CYM philosophies and concepts here
  • Activities and processes that will help you unblock your damaging emotions so you can transit from fear to freedom day in day out and stop the pain and unhappy results.



2. Live 3-Day Experiential Training Event (Value: $3,218):

  • You will get access to our steps and strategies that have been specifically designed to take your relationships and life to a new level.



3. 30-Day Implementation Fun Sessions (Videos) (Value: $1,868):

  • 1 session a day – 30 sessions for 30 days
  • Hand hold you to know the exact steps to take to implement CYM day by day.
  • Potentially break a habit/habits that you have long wanted to break and create moments of increase and happiness.



4. 30-Day Implementation Manual (Value: $128):

  • This manual goes with item 3 above and it contains steps and content that will assist your learning; you can write notes and insights in the manual as well.




5. Coaching Sessions (Bi-Weekly) (Value: $8,288) 

  • Our trainers will coach, process, heal you a (s a group live online 2 times a month, for a year.
  • Before a session, you can send in your relevant questions and you could be chosen for the trainers to work with you.


Chamber of CYM Secrets


  1. Chamber of CYM Secrets
  • Access to all the signature CYM content, activities and processes in the forms of write ups, audios or videos.
  • Play Miranda’s audio or video and be processed by her!


TOTAL VALUE: $15,988/year




Heartfelt testimonials from participants



If you are still as doubtful as ever…

Take ACTION FOR YOUR LIFE! Your being will never be the same again. Once you get trained in Creating Your Miracles 2.0, it will be virtually not possible for you to not have the foundation to be creating your miracles and have a natural flow of discipline to create the results you want. These processes and tools in Creating Your Miracles are used by many individuals to lead a rich and fulfilling life. These processes and tools are not gimmick.

  • They are simple and effective
  • They are proven and guaranteed
  • They are experiential and life-changing

So, I would like to welcome you to one of the “GREATEST” part of your life!

  • Imagine if you are able to have the tools and processes to create your miracle life?

I now open the door of opportunities for you – so TAKE ACTION to secure your seat in the CREATING YOUR MIRACLES 2.0 Series with your MIRACLEPASS Ticket NOW! This will be one of the most rewarding training you will ever come across!

The Choice is Yours.






Take action to reserve your spot RIGHT NOW by clicking on the MiraclePass button below or you can give us a call at our office at +65 6235 6211.