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Miranda Hung


To educate and heal people and to create MIRACLES in all areas of their lives


Miranda Hung, Founder, CEO and Principal Trainer of MiracleLife, has experienced phenomenal transformation in her life. She has transformed from a girl who wanted to end her life to now a powerhouse that creates results she loves.

Miranda is gifted with inordinate amount of passionate energy and intuition when she is training and healing people. Her unique ability is to tune into the root causes of people’s challenges, often even before they reveal their inner being themselves and to be able to help them resolve these roots causes once and for all. She devotes her life to help liberate people from suffering and enable them to turn their dreams into reality. This is the very reason why she founded MiracleLife – to educate and heal people to believe in miracles and create MIRACLES in All Areas of their lives. MiracleLife defines a ‘miracle’ as “when something that was perceived to be difficult or even impossible to achieve and/or experience, is achieved and experienced!”

Be ready to receive Miranda’s training and healing! She will galvanize you into inner earthquakes for positive change and amazing results. She will help you Create Your Heaven on Earth….with a lot of fun, excitement and laughter!