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Creating Your Miracles:

Are you still struggling to create more results in your life?

Are you trying to make more money, and not making it?

Or you are trying to make your love relationship work, and then you’re still feeling heartbroken, or your relationship is still feeling mundane?

Or, you’re trying to be fit, and still feel tired most of the time in your day?

And have you wondered why it has been such a challenge for you to create the results that you have wanted?

As we grow up, we are conditioned by people around us to ‘fear’ more than we should. All negative beliefs and emotions are fear and ego based (all positive emotions are ‘love’ based). The disempowering beliefs and emotions are covering our light like layers of onions. We need to peel off these layers of onions one by one, to allow the light to shine through!

Creating Your Miracles training is the first program to be attended in MiracleLife Series of training programmes. It will work with you on the most critical areas to help you START peeling off your layers of onions.

You will learn the METHOD to create miracles in every area of your life.

In the training, you will do an experiment in which you’ll see with your eyes how your thoughts, beliefs and emotions (blue print) create all the results in your life. Many people although have learnt how our blue print affects our life before Living In Passion, but have never taken it seriously until they go through this experiment.

It is said that “we don’t leave a situation when the problem still exist”. This is because you’ll carry the same mindset that created the problem to the next situation and the same issue will show up again-just with different people in a different context. In Creating Your Miracles, we’ll help you identify the mindset that are causing your challenges. You’ll have a chance to resolve this mindset. What will come with this is your ability to saturate yourself with huge amount of gratitude no matter what situation you are in!

Creating Your Miracles training helps you to:

  • Form a solid foundation to create more miracles and experience drive and discipline to make things happen in all areas of their lives and create results.
  • Become more at ease and live more of their amazing authentic selves.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in a Creating Your Miracles 2.0 Training (Worth SGD$15,988)

Profound world-class processes to:

  • Learn the Miracle Method to enable permanent breakthroughs in all areas of your lives!
  • Experience more lovepassion and happiness in work and relationships!
  • Identify the mindsets that are causing you challenges in creating the successes you crave for in
    different areas of your life!
  • Walk out of the training with a Daily Power Process that you can use every day to shift yourself from procrastination to immediate action!
  • Break yourself out from fear and ego based emotions and get in touch with the light!
  • Beat your own expectation in achieving your goals.
  • Unleash the potential that you thought did not exist and experience this power in the training!
  • Have the courage to do what you know you should do but were too afraid to do them before.
  • Provide you opportunities to become aware of your habits and behaviours and discover whether these habits are bringing you to success.
  • Give you the opportunity to be shaken at a cellular level and release the old dis-empowering beliefs and emotional patterns that have been the causes of your unsatisfactory results in your life.

With the trainer’s passion and love in helping you to be the BEST VERSION of  yourself, coupled with ground breaking training methods, you’ll be having tremendous amount of fun and experience.

If you are still as doubtful as ever… WATCH this Highlight to Experience It Yourself!

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Slyvia Han

Case Study: Sylvia Han, home maker, previously Nu Skin sales representative

My children were afraid of me as I would snap at them from time to time. Some time ago, I suffered from mid-life crisis. It was so bad that I didn’t feel like waking up in the morning & even thought of packing my bags & leave. I wanted to pretend that I was not married & I don’t have children. I even told my business leader that I wanted to let my business die its natural death. Eventually, my income fell month after month.

It was at this moment that I was being introduced to “Living in Passion” program by another business leader in the company. From the program, I really have learnt how to create miracles in my life! My being has transformed, and everything in my life starts to change… I still remember when I was watching TV on the sofa recently, my husband sat down beside me, put his arms around me and asked, “What’s up honey?” I was shocked as my husband had not done this for a long time. There is an increased level of intimacy with my hubby.  What’s more, my daughters now approach me more often and even hug me! As for my business, sales just dropped on my lap like miracles. Usually, the sales presentation for my product took 1-2 hours and I still couldn’t close. Now my presentation can even just be 15 minutes and clients buy from me! My sales income increased by 87% within a month after Living In Passion training.  Sales continue to increase month after month.  It is amazing!

Thank you “Living in Passion” for giving me this wonderful gift of better family relationship, businesses & money!  I live a MiracleLife!

Ben Lim

Ben Lim

“For over 10 years, I thought that I’ve gotten over the fact that my Mum had passed on. This loss has made me feel miserable, abandoned, and crushed. There were numerous detrimental effects to my life as well.

 After MiracleLife’s training, amazingly I actually learnt that all the bad things that have been happening in my life are related to my miseries and sadness. Also, I’ve also got myself out of that state!”

Ben Lim (IT Project Manager)


Alice Kong

Allyzsa Kong

“Prior to attending MiracleLife’s training, I’d never imagined that the training was going to be so exciting and energizing!

It has been almost 3 months after the training; I am still full of positive energy. My relationships with my family members have improved tremendously. Now, I love more passionately too.

Thank you, Master Trainer!”

Allyzsa Kong (Operation Manager)

Your being will never be the same again. Once you get trained in Creating Your Miracles 2.0, it will be virtually not possible for you to not have the foundation and ability to be creating your miracles and have a natural flow of discipline to create the results you want. These processes and tools in Creating Your Miracles are used by many individuals to lead a rich and fulfilling life. These processes and tools are not gimmick.

  • They are simple and effective
  • They are proven and guaranteed
  • They are experiential and life-changing

So, I would like to welcome you to one of the “GREATEST” part of your life!

  • Imagine if you are able to have the tools and processes to create your miracle life
  • Imagine if you are able to make way more money, build more intimate relationships and have time breakthrough in your life

I now open the door of opportunities for you – so TAKE ACTION to secure your seat in the CREATING YOUR MIRACLES 2.0 Training with your MIRACLEPASS  Ticket NOW! This will be one of the most rewarding training you will ever come across!

The Choice is Yours.