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It is said that the definition of success is the quality of the relationship that one has. We can be growing and having some breakthroughs in your life, & yet we might not have the skills to know how to connect with people and to influence them to be at their best, which eventually create fulfilling relationships in their lives.

Isn’t it true that life is about influencing people and enrolling people? There are conflicts, disagreement, misunderstandings and arguments taking place between people every day. When you are able to establish a heart-to-heart connection and influence people to an outcome that adds value to you and the other person, you will be creating more fulfilling relationships and have a more fruitful life.

For example, isn’t it true that you need to influence your kids to bring them to an outcome that can add value to you and them? Isn’t it true that you need to bring your spouse or your loved ones to your intended outcome that adds values for both of you? And at work, isn’t it true that you need to influence the person to add value to both you and him/her and get work going?

That’s why we have designed this powerful training to help you build great quality relationships, reduce conflicts and to be able to influence people. It is to help people who are afraid to meet new people to make new friends. It is for a person who does not know how to deepen their current relationships to experience more intimacy and connection, passion and inspiration with each other.


In Abundant Influence Mastery, you will master world-class techniques that will help you to:

  • Break your fear of meeting new people and you will learn how to make friends who are suitable to be your friends.
  • Build new relationships with ease
  • Deepen the current relationships
  • Build rapport and trust within 5 minutes of the interaction. In fact both you and the other person will feel ONE with each other and the other person will not feel the wall of resistance towards you
  • Be able to help a very difficult person, who is egoistic, fearful of himself/herself to open up and share his/her true pain and fear, and his/her true aspirations in his/her life. If the other person is not sure what he/she is drawn to, or fearful of, you will have the skills to help him/her find out

This breath-taking training is one of the most popular training programs in MiracleLife. It is popular with couples, popular with parents who are having difficulty with children, very popular with sales people, entrepreneurs and business owners. This training saves a lot of agony and conflicts, depressing and heart-aching moments.

This training creates happier family, more empowering friendships and this creates a circle of people who can stimulate each other to be their own amazing selves.

If not now when ?