Welcome to Living In Passion-For Sales People

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Living In Passion-For Sales People

  • This could be a breath taking, life changing experience for many of you!
  •  Do an experiment in which you will see with your eyes how your thoughts, beliefs and emotions create all the results in your life
  • Establish heart-to-heart connection with your prospects and clients who will come back to buy from you again and again! –Becoming your Lifelong Fans!
  • Learn how to inspire and motivate your sales team

The first program to be attended by participants in the Curriculum for Sales & Life Success is Living in Passion – For Sales People.

“99% of who you are is invisible and untouchable”

R. Buckminster Fuller

 The reason why this program is the starting point for you is that no sales methods will maximize your sales income unless your inner-world mindset and emotional states, the invisible and untouchable, are empowered. You need to live with consistent flow of drive and discipline to Sell! Sell! Sell with Heart and Passion!

This program contains activities that:

  1. Stretch the participants to be out of their comfort zone; sales people will practise to do things that they are afraid to do
  2. Provide the participants opportunities to observe their habits and behaviours and discover whether these habits are empowering them to success

You will go through processes that give you the opportunity to be shaken at a cellular level and release the old disempowering beliefs and emotional patterns that have been the causes for you unsatisfactory results in life.

These ground breaking training methods couple with the trainer’s love and passion in helping the participants to be their most amazing selves, the sales people will experience breakthroughs one after another. This could be a breath-taking, life changing experience for many of them!