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To heal and educate people wholistically so that they can grow to be Happy & Abundant.

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In this period, let us focus on GROWING ourselves Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically so we can live a more Happy, Abundant, Healthy and Awakened (HAHA) life! This means taking your business to the next level, reigniting your relationship with self and others or even identifying who you really are – through MiracleLife’s virtual live and/or in-person training events and one-on-one coaching systems.

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See What Our Graduates Are Saying

See What Our Graduates Are Saying

"Everyone said they're happier now as I changed the way I approached and do things!"

I practice what was being taught in the virtual training and I had a breakthrough in the relationship with a co-worker. I was trying to improve our relationship for the last few years but to no avail. We now work together cohesively. That was one of the many miracles I created after the virtual training. Everyone said they are happier now as I changed the way I approach and do things!

The training is definitely value for money and I would definitely recommend anyone to go for it!
Cherbelle Choy
Tele-Sales Head
MiracleLife has helped me to confront myself and search for answers on my own. It shifted my mindset, equipped me with tools to better manage my emotions and allowed me to break free from limiting thoughts that were crippling me!

I have never allowed myself to be a better me, a happier me and for 23 years I buried my pains deep inside thinking it would get better and if at best be forgotten. All that never happened until during this training when I was forced to deal with uncomfortable and painful thoughts to find myself.

You will think you know better BUT you don't. Experience the way like what I did and you be shocked by what you will find!
Serene Seah
Director of Sales at Manulife Financial Advisers
"This is the place where my wife and I get to achieve breakthroughs in our relationship."

We had issues between my mum and wife and we didn’t know how to resolve it. We could only complain to each other and this really caused strains in our relationships.

When I came to MiracleLife and got my wife to attend as well... We found a common language between us and started to communicate to work out the issues. I found our relationships improved and we really started to enjoy our relationships better. I think to start communicating with each other in a more empowering way is already our return of investment, or maybe even something money can’t buy! I will strongly recommend MiracleLife courses!
Albert Lee
Singapore’s Leading Test & Measurement Specialist for EMC System
Miranda-Photo-Head Cropped

About Miranda Hung

Miranda is the founder of the award winning transformational training company, MiracleLife and creator of the Miracle Method.


She has been living her passion and carrying out her mission for the past 20 years, which is to educate and heal people wholistically so that people like yourself can be happy and abundant. She has helped people, from all walks of life, experience breakthroughs in their life and business. From top executives to professionals to stay-at-home moms, Miranda has guided them to create miracles in their own lives.

As a result of the life work she and her team has done, MiracleLife has won many awards including the Top Promising SME 500 Awards, the Asia Excellence Award, the Lady of Excellence award, and Singapore Golden Brands Award.. She is also featured in the Business Times, and other publications as well.

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Lim Cheng Boon 

(aka Bubbly Boon Boon)
Food Entrepreneur

Ivan Loh

Award-Winning Financial Advisor
Prudential Life

Chen Shi Han

Financial Consultant
Great Eastern 

The Miraculous Classic

31 Inspirations to Turn Seemingly Impossible Dreams into Reality!

In the #1 Best-Seller amongst our participants, Miranda states, “If you don’t like what you are seeing and feeling, change your inner scripts that have created your life. They determine the amount of money you make, the quality of relationships you have, your capacity to take actions, whether you are happy, how powerful a leader you are and if you are living a life with passion!”

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