Abundant Influence Mastery 2.0

Winning the Enrolling Game of ALL Areas of Your LIFE!

Abundant Influence Mastery 2.0

Winning the Enrolling Game of ALL Areas of Your LIFE!

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being able to Build Heart-to-Heart Successful Relationships and to Influence; Inspire others to your intended outcomes that add value to both you and the other party …

There are those times that we experience resistance  from others when we share what we believe to  them…whether it is with our spouses, children,  parents, clients, friends, bosses, colleagues, our team  members and etc.….we can experience challenges of  being able to influence and enroll people to take on our  suggestions; often, in such situations both parties can  end up with frustration, tension and unhappiness.    You know what? We may not be natural in knowing  how to influence and inspire people because we have  never learnt how to do it.    Abundance Influence Mastery (AIM) is a leading-edge  training that gives you the opportunity to master the  ART and TECHNIQUIES to connect with people, build  great quality relationships and to become a POWER  INFLUENCER , an INSPIRING LEADER who is able to  win the enrolling game; enabling someone to say  “YES” to your ideas! 

Winning the Enrolling Game

"Sales jumped even during the lull period to 80 – 90%!"
“Before Abundant Influence Mastery, business has been growing consistently but lack the quantum leap. It was about 50 – 60% closing ratio.

Applying AIM techniques, within a month, leads came in instead of sourcing for them.

Sales jumped even during the lull period to 80 – 90%!

The Language of Impact technique is so powerful that I can now connect with my heart with people. Precious relationships are built with clients on the basis of mutual trust and understanding. “
Law Shu Li
Wellness Advocate, DoTERRA

Who Would You Like To Influence?

Your husband/wife? Boyfriend/girlfriend? Your kids?  Your parents? Your clients? Boss? Colleagues? 

Perhaps you would like to inspire people as a leader. 

Perhaps you are a single and are intending to connect  and inspire one to be your love partner…  

This Training Is For EVERYONE!

Is there any area of your life that you don’t need the ability to connect and influence?

We are influencing someone consciously or unconsciously in every area of our lives! 

It’s just that we are successful at it or not. 

See What Our Heart-Influencers Are Saying

How Abundant Influence Mastery is a set of skills if not taught to the world, could be DANGEROUS!
How Ivan Made His First 5-Figure Income within 2 Months after the Training!
From Years of Miscommunication to NOW Loving & Understanding after MiracleLife’s Processes!

Introducing Abundant Influence Mastery 2.0

Abundant Influence Mastery 2.0 is a programme series where you will be hand-held by Miranda step-by-step in detail from ZERO to HERO in the abilities to influence people without the person feeling that you are influencing them.   Most of the time, people do not like to be TOLD WHAT TO DO! People love to be LEAD!    You will be taken step-by-step in creating the language of impact to trigger high powerful emotions, creating people’s desire to take on your  suggestions and to own the ideas you are offering. They would love to say “Yes” to you even right there and then!   In this way, you are able to deepen your relationships with others, and experience more intimacy, heart to heart connection, passion & inspiration with each other! This is the exact same influencing tools and techniques that Miranda use up till today to ACCELERATE her personal and business relationships!    These tools and techniques do not require talent to implement and they are transferable and duplicable, so that you can start INFLUENCING FROM YOUR HEART AND PROSPERITY COMES! 

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Abundant Influence Mastery 2.0