Learn How You Can Let Go of Your Past, Attract Life-Changing Abundance and Uncover Your Life’s Purpose

The “MIRACLE Method” that is Empowering Ordinary People to Get Unstuck from their Current Mindset, Better Their Lives, and Experience Extraordinary Breakthroughs in Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness

“When one can no more experience the temporary satisfaction from the illusion of having control on the outcome, one can gain fulfillment from loving anyway.”  – Miranda Hung

What You Will Discover In This Session?

Secret #1:
The Real Secret To Having It All

Why traditional motivation does not work, and how to create permanent lasting change through my controversial and unconventional processes

Secret #2:
How To Breakthrough To The Next Level

How Ordinary People can Have It All and produce Extraordinary Results even if you feel you have no talent, time, energy, money or discipline?

Secret #3:
How To Thrive In Life Regardless of Crisis

Why is it that people know what to do but they don’t do what they know? How do you stop procrastination and make results happen?

About Miranda Hung

Creator of the Miracle Method

Miranda is the founder of the award winning transformational training company, Miracle Life and creator of the Miracle Method.

She has been living her passion and carrying out her mission for the past 20 years, which is to educate and heal people holistically so that people like yourself can be happy and abundant.


She has helped people from all walks of life experience breakthroughs in their life and business. From top executives to professionals to stay-at-home moms, Miranda has guided them to create miracles in their own lives. Miranda is often being referred to as a trainer who can help participants to identify, with precision, the root causes that are causing them to suffer in their lives. As a direct result of what Miranda does, we have touched thousands of people’s lives. There are graduates of her training programs who have transformed themselves from being financially limited to increasing their income in a short period of time; from having painful and unfulfilling relationships to having more loving and intimate ones; and being able to identify the life purpose that drives them.


As a result of the life work she and her team has done, Miracle Life has won many awards including the Top Promising SME 500 Awards, the Asia Excellence Award, the Lady of Excellence award, and Singapore Golden Brands Award.

She has also been featured in the Business Times and other publications.

This Session Will Be Conducted by Miranda's
Hand-Picked Trainer

What Everyone Is Saying About The Miracle Method

"My manager at work said I am more positive now and she can see my personality shine through.

This virtual course has changed my relationship with my hubby around.
I am now a better version of myself and loving it.

Many other positive things have happened in my life too - All within a short 2 to 3 weeks.

I truly believe that everyone should experience MiracleLife for themselves and see what life can bring!

Thank you MiracleLife.”
Evelyn Teo
Recruiter in Job Agency
"In just 4 days, not only I found solutions to what I was looking for but I re-discovered myself and my abilities.

I re-discovered who am I truly and what are my values. I found what I need to do to get out of my comfort zone & create miracles.

My biggest breakthrough is I took actions like never before to make my wife, my kids really feel my involvement in everything that I do everyday.

I am happier now, way happier than I thought I possibly could be."
Subhransu Behera
Before Creating Your Miracles (CYM), I did not know what I want in life. So I spent lots of time and effort doing lots of tasks which I didn't know what's for.

As a result, I couldn't focus properly and felt tired and burnt out most of the time. I was all over the place!

After CYM, using the basic level of the Miracle Method, it helped me to identify and resolve the root cause of what drove me to be not focus and tired. Now I'm able to live in the presence.

What's most important is I know what I want now in life. I become more FOCUS. I feel so good and energetic that I never felt burnout or overwhelm since then.

Now I Do Less and Achieve More! .
Salina Mohd Hassan

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