Inspiration for
Creating Your

Turning Seemingly Impossible Dreams into Reality

Inspiration for
Creating Your Miracles


Lost hope, shut down and feeling burnt out in your life?

Or you are already successful and would like to expand to a higher level of success?

In Inspiration for Creating Your Miracles, Miranda Hung invites you to embark on a miraculous journey of turning your Heart-Calling dreams into reality. For the next 31 days, pay close attention to your thoughts, emotions and the actions you take, as they determine the way you live, the decisions you make and the results you create in your life… emotionally, financially, in your relationship, your health …
…in fact in any area of your life.
This book covers the most powerful quotes and thought-provoking questions that Miranda Hung uses in her training programmes.
Dive into Inspiration for Creating Your Miracles and immerse yourself in a journey that will help you to be more

Happy, Abundant, Healthy and Awakened! (HAHA)

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Inspiration for Creating Your Miracles Book Launch

Our Graduate's Inspiration

Potentially transforming your life from being financially limited to increasing your income in a short period of time; from having painful and unfulfilling relationships to having more loving and intimate ones; and being able to identify the life purpose that drives them!

Each time I read a quote, it instantly lifted up my energy and allowed me to practice embracing the CYM’s iconic MIRACLE mindset.

The wisdom quotes never failed to inspire and empower me to FEEL( one of my most Heartfelt Breakthroughs from ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION ) and to TAKE MASSIVE ACTIONS for the particular day because each quote contains powerful meaning and realization for me to reflect upon and become Aware of.

Miranda’s inspirational quotes are a constant reminders to me the importance of using the Language Of Impact in my daily life to Influence and Experience the AIM signature of “ Do Less and Achieve More”!!!
Simon Kong
Managing Director
After going through MiracleLife's training programme, I'm able to know Who I Am and be able to Express Myself Fully!

This book helps me to Create Miracles!
Whenever I read the quotes and the explanations in the Inspiration Quote Book, it helped me realize and gain understanding of my current mindset and feelings, and enabled me to shift and realign my inner-self to my goals for the day, week, even month.

Ultimately, it empowered me to take action in the direction I want and feel good, energetic and hopeful at the same time.
Ivan Loh
Financial Consultant