Ultimate Transformation Series 2.0

Heal Your Past. Transform Your Present. Live Your Ultimate Future.

Ultimate Transformation Series 2.0

Heal Your Past. Transform Your Present. Live Your Ultimate Future.

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Live Your Ultimate Life
with the MIRACLE Method

For the person searching for that ‘next level’ of transformation and mastery in their healing journey:

Do you ever feel as though something is missing, even if your life looks good on the outside?
Have you ever felt you’re not growing or realizing your fullest potential?
Are you conscious of the baggage, trauma, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back — but you just can’t seem to clear them or evolve from them?
Many people in their personal growth journey encounter this.
And many of them spend their entire lives never crossing the gap between where they are and where they want to be.


The moment when you finally cross that gap — is the moment when things will finally start to change. You will feel lighter, happier, and you start to see “problems” as “possibilities”.
It’s a profound shift that’s hard to describe. You easily get out of your comfort zone to do things you normally wouldn’t.
You feel brave. You feel open. You feel – free.
If you want to have more success, better relationships, and have great lasting health, you know you have to cross that gap.
With the MIRACLE Method, you will soon discover that anyone is capable of crossing that gap, ascend to the next level, and live their Ultimate Life.

Break free from your past and
have it all with the Miracle Method

The MIRACLE Method is a holistic framework for helping anyone who is stuck in their lives to break free from their past, achieve extraordinary results and have it all — even if they have no talent, time, energy, money, or discipline.


This method is based on the many years of painful trial and error that the creator, Miranda Hung, experienced herself and used with her clients for the past 20 years to create remarkable transformations.


The philosophy behind this method is simple — success is not just about financial and career success, it’s holistic and about living your best and truest life. And seeing everything in life as a miracle. 


“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”


This easy-to-follow process is based on 7 simple steps:

Our traumas and limiting beliefs are what hold us back from living the life we were meant to live. And these limiting beliefs usually stem from a root cause. The first step is to resolve this root cause so that new empowering beliefs and habits can flourish. Success becomes eventual when this happens. 



Watch HERE on how How Willy Lin with the Miracle Method, enables him to go from near bankruptcy to a Million Dollar Biz!

We are all born with a purpose. Once you’ve identified your life purpose, you will experience clarity like never before. You will make decisions faster without regrets. Things start turning around fast and your excitement for life returns too.

One of the things that is always overlooked is how the mind influences the body. Do you know there’s a lot of negative emotion stored in your body? Did you know that having those negative emotions stored in your body would cause you to get sick? That is why when you are able to heal emotionally, your body symptoms can also get healed and any undesired eating habits would go away too. 


Watch HERE how Veronica heal her lung infection just with in 2 days into our Advanced Training Programme, Ultimate Transformation. 

When the earlier steps are taken (Mindset, Identify Your Life Passion, Restore Health), taking massive actions becomes natural. That means you will move towards your goals like a breeze and easily have discipline to do what truly matters to you.

Science has shown that contributing to others makes us feel more fulfilled and happy than contributing only to ourselves. Once you’ve done your inner work as mentioned previously, you will love and add value as your default (because you realize your “cup” is already full). It’s the most powerful energy you can give and you create an endless amount of miracles.

One thing almost all successful and fulfilled people have in common is that they don’t stop learning. An untold truth many people don’t share is “learning begins after school”. There is infinite wisdom around us that can help us in our lives; things like managing money, how to love, fitness, parenting, and more.

Environment is everything. If you change your thinking but you are stuck in a toxic environment, it’s hard to break through. So if you like to create more miracles, learn to be in environments with more like-minded people.

And when you are able to master these seven elements in your life,  you’ll be able to attract and create miracles in your life effortlessly. 


As you can see, this method doesn’t just aim to help you find success in just one area of life (like many other methods do) – this method helps you breakthrough to the next level and experience your TRUE success in all key areas of your life – health, wealth, love and happiness. 


Who says you can’t have it all? With the MIRACLE Method, you can. 

Results the Miracle Method helped create during Ultimate Transformation

How these people get their Ultimate Breakthrough they’ve been waiting for years in 6 Days!
From Being Everyone’s Friend to Now found Her Self-Worth & What She Loves to do in Life
How the Miracle Method enables Willy to go from near bankruptcy to a Million Dollar Business

Introducing Ultimate Transformation 2.0

Ultimate Transformation is an advanced program that will train you to master Miranda Hung’s MIRACLE Method.

 You will create breakthrough results in all areas that are important to you! Miraculous results such as living a life of financial freedom, emotional fulfillment and loving intimate relationships.


 The MIRACLE Method is proven, transferrable and sustainable. Transformations and breakthroughs are guaranteed. The method works virtually on anyone and can enable you to create an entirely different life.


 As part of Ultimate Transformation, you’ll go through phenomenal processes that will help you discover what your heart and soul are calling you to do; your passion and life mission.


 There will be strong clarity of your life direction. You’ll live your own true life! You’ll uncover and eradicate your deeply hidden destructive thoughts & emotional patterns.


 With these processes, any of your negative emotional bonds (which are very real chains) will have a chance to be released and healed… and you will never feel the same negative emotions again for the same issues or trauma in your life.


 It’s exciting because it’s very common that the Ultimate Transformation students experience amazing cathartic emotional breakthroughs.


 You will be able to apply Miranda’s signature healing process on yourself whenever disturbing emotions rise in your life. You will have the power to free yourself emotionally on your own.


 With Ultimate Transformation, you are just ONE BREAKTHROUGH AWAY from living your ULTIMATE LIFE.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Ultimate Transformation 2.0